Motor Sport Listrik Ini Jozz Gan!


Wew bealakangan dunia berlomba-lomba untuk membuat motor listrik yang jozz, terutama type sport. Lihat gambar di bawah ini, sebuah type sport dengan gaya jozz dan terlihat racy serta macho.

Seli gan bikin ngiler, yakin deh suatu hari bakal populer mewarnai jalan.

Mo ngotr ini sanggup berlari kencang diatas 100 kph, lalu apa kata ridernya, namun ya namanya masih dalam riset ya ada saja kurangnya, “Needless to say, I did arrive at the railway station, but shockingly, after 45 kilometers my batteries were at 50%. I was not speeding, riding at legal speeds, and was riding in Eco mode, 80 torque set.” Lum bisa total kebut gan, cepet abis batterinya.

After a sandwich, I returned to the coast:

Berikut testimoninya dari—day-5.htm

As usual, the ride was really fun. Going through the many twisties, throwing the bike into the curves, passing cars … all great fun on the Zero. The bike really goes, and it behaves very good. Also as usual, when passing villages, I always notice in the mirrors a lot of people looking back at me when I have passed them. They notice the lack of sounds, and try to see what I am riding.

At one stage I had a big motorcycle behind me for a few minutes, and finally the big bike decided to pass, and while the bike passed, the biker gave me a thumbs up..

But the unpleasant surprise was the autonomy. 90 kilometers and all I had left was 30%, and I was sticking to the speed limits. Since tomorrow’s run is 90 kms one-way, it’ll mean I need to “tank”. Luckily I am visiting a motorcycle dealer, so I’m sure I can find some electricity there. But to get a quoted range of 190 kms, I guess I need to ride it like a moped. The road I will be going on has many long straight roads, so very battery consuming. If you don’t hear from me.. i got stuck.

Strange: Or maybe not so strange. Something that happens to me with some battery operated devices, once you see they are low in battery power, after turning them off, and then a few hours later you turn the device on, the battery has regained some power. It’s the same with the Zero. I came home after the ride, left the bike in the garden. A few hours later I turned on the ignition, and the battery was at around 45% instead of the 30% when it was turned off.

s you may have gathered from the introduction to this lengthy review a few days ago (link Open link in a new window), I live in the countryside in France, in between farms, cows and fields with different crops.

There are no distractions for me to do my writing or photography, and when I get on one of my bikes, it’s pure heaven over here. Small twisting roads, hills, cliffs, scenery, castles everywhere… pure bliss.


  1. akar energinya darimana..keren tapi kalo buat ngecharge masi pake fosil….apa banyakin dulu model baru sumber energy tak terbaharuinya di patenkan biar bisnis tetep berputar..entahlah…sudah adakan Zero waste mass energy tercipta..back to sun, water and wind from nature earth…satu lagi serangan negeri api…Avatar….

  2. Ntar ada yg pake energi plasma, yg sisa pmbakarannya berupa minovsky particle.wkwkwk.

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