Wediyan CB 650 F dan CBR 650 Ternyata In Line Four, Alias 4 Silinder Weh!

Weh luar biasa nih Honda menggebrak pasar dengan menelurkan 2014 Honda CB650F dan CBR650F. Honda CB650F naked gan sementara Honda CBR650F sarungan alias full fairing. Dua motor ini kabarnya bakal dijual di Eropa dan Asia, dan besar kemungkinan masuk Indonesia.

CBR 650 F
CBR 650 F

Simak aja gan speknya berikut:

ā€œ……….CB650F and CBR650F derive power from a 649cc in-line four ……. The engine has a 16-valve DOHC layout and is tuned for low end torque for better city drivability. The 649cc engine produces a maximum power of 87 BHP at 11,000 RPM and peak torque of 63 Nm at 8000 RPM, coupled to a 6-speed transmission. The bikes sit on a twin 64 mm x 30 mm elliptical frame. It has a non-adjustable traditional fork at the front and seven ways adjustable shock at the rear. The shock mounts directly to a die-cast aluminium swingarm……………..CB650F and CBR650F come equipped with 240 mm rear disc brake and 320 mm dual front discs. There are slight differences between the two models. The riding position of the Honda CB650F is upright with a wide handlebar, while the Honda CBR650F gets a sporty forward leaning aggressive position for the rider. The CBR650F gets a firmer spring rate and damping for its performance oriented nature. Both the body styles are treated with attractive styling elements……..ā€

CB 650 F
CB 650 F

Weh powernya mengalahkan ER 6 yang Pada Kisaran:

Maksimum Power 53 Kw (72 IPS) / 8.500 rpm
Torsi Maksimum 64 N.m (6.5 kgf.m) / 7.000 rpm

Namun masih dibawah ZX 600 yang :

Maksimum Power 87.5 Kw (119 PS) / 12.500 RPM (SE ASIA)
Torsi Maksimum 66.7 N.m (6.8 kgf.m) / 11.800 rpm

Lihat gan snalpotnya 4 biji hahah:

CB 650 F jozz
CB 650 F jozz

Wah gak jadi murtad dari Honda nih, hahahaha. So, moga aja cepat meluncur.


  1. disinyaliirrr mbah bons ngiilleeeerrr kepincut sm ini motor,,,,tp nyonya kyke gk tanda tangan jd mbah bons lg cari cara buat nyogok nyonya biar gk ngomel

  2. tuhkan kata simimin honpret jadul mau buat mongtor gede buat nyaingin mongtor teknologi dewa … gak bakalan bisa deh pluntir gas dikit langsung terbang šŸ™

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