Pasca Hasil Positif Dovizioso, Ducati Putuskan Mundur Dari Factory Class dan Ikut MotoGP dengan Open Class

Brader sekalian, setelah Dovizioso lumayan moncer di beberapa test di Sepang, yakni Test hari pertama menempati posisi 4, lalau hari ke 2 menempati posisi 5, dan hari ke tiga moncer di urutan ke 3, Ducati memutuskan untuk mundur dari factory class, dan memilih untuk ikut open class. Ya kabarnya sih moncernya Dovi ini karena disinyalir menggunakan spec open class. Dmikian web moGP melansir :

  • Ducati Team riders Cal Crutchlow and Andrea Dovizioso will compete in the 2014 MotoGP™ World Championship on ‘Open’ class configured Desmosedici machines.
  • Ducati believe the ‘Open’ option gives them more freedom for evolution during 2014 and state that they will keep developing their bikes during the championship to improve competitiveness.
  • While in 2014 all bikes in the championship – Factory and Open – use exactly the same Magneti Marelli ECU, the ‘Open’ option also includes the use of standard software.
  • Ducati, after carefully considering the two options, has decided that the most suitable one for the current needs of the Bologna-based manufacturer is the Open one, which gives the possibility to the race department to continue the development of the bike and the engine throughout the entire season.
  • Recent tests carried out in Sepang by Crutchlow and Dovizioso, gave a positive feedback to the Ducati engineers and therefore, on the deadline of February 28, both riders have been entered into the championship with their Desmosedici GP14 bikes selecting the Open option.

Ya, dengan open class pasalnya Ducati bisa lebih banyak mengeksplor motornya karena aturannya lebih longgar. Nah role antara factory clas dan open calss ini telah dikupas tuntas oleh wak kaji TMC.


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