Jiah Bikin Ngiler Juga Ni Renderan New GSX 250 Di Bikeadvice ini!

Suzuki Gixxer 250cc GSX 250R Pic Render

Ngintip Bikeadvice gan, ternyata ada sebuah renderan sesosok Gixxer 250 atau yang disebut dengan GSX 250, manteb gan, racy bener bikin ngiler. Numpak dua pipa.

Entah dari mana asalnya renderan ini tapi web ini mengatakan berikut:

“…………One of our reader, Rahul, has shared this speculative rendering of the upcoming Suzuki’s quarter liter motorcycle and the text here is, most probably, Japanese which is absolutely alien to us. We have dropped in a word with our Japanese specialist friend who is not available at the moment……”`

Dan kemudian dengan pedenya bikeadviceberani gomong gini gan:

“……. the text, it appears that this will be unveiled/launched in 2016 ie next year and the exact displacement is not known. Going by the latest trend, it can be anything from 250 to 300 cc or a notch higher, like the 321 cc Yamaha R3, recently launched in India…..”

Wah ngundang tanda tanya nih, tahun depan meluncur? Modelnya begini atatu yang lain, alamak, alia penasaran.


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