Ma bro sekalian mau tau R 15 bisa cepat berlari ha lihat berikut sebuah Video dari Motorbeam. Kabarnya motor ini top speednya nyapek 140kmph (tested on GPS and Speedgun, lah hebat nian, ya iyalah asak ya iya ding. Namun dah dimodif mas bro, berikut bagan yang dimodif: [youtube=]

Engine : –

  • Ported and polished cylinder head with altered port geometry
  • Custom valve springs
  • Stock Valve sizes
  • Reprofiled valve seat area
  • Stage 1 spec camshaft with custom ground profile
  • High compression set-up
  • Modified cylinder and stock piston
  • Fine tuning and set-up corrections
  • Stock airbox and filter
  • Stock throttle body and intake tract

Fuelling : –


  • Stock Injector
  • Stock ECU + coil
  • Altered AFR values for fuelling inputs

Gearing : –

  • Stock sprockets
  • Stock Gearbox
  • Stock Clutch

External : –

  • Stock looks
  • Hand crafted Tuned Free Flow exhaust
  • Full stock weight, no lightening