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TVS RTR 180 vs Pulsar 220 Di Aspal Dan Di Kertas

Sebenarnya membandingkan dua motor ini sungguh terlalu jauh, dimana RTR 180 harusnya dilawankan dengan P180, tapi kali ini banyakan kalangan membandngkan TVS RTR 160 dengan P 180 sedang TVS RTR 180 dilawankan dengan P 220. Jelas diatas kertas kalah jauh, cuman yang jadi alasan memang TVS berani membanderol TVS RTR 18o sekelas dengnan harga P 220 bahkan RTR 180 ABS di India dihargai lebih mahal ketimbang P 220. Nah ketika di aspal ternyata dua motor ini memang masih powerfull P 220 yang ccnya jauh lebih gede, namun secara lari ternyata tidaklah beda jauh, monggo dilihat Video berikut:


Sementara menurut http://mypurush.wordpress.com dalam komparasinya antara TVS RTR 180 vs P 220 vs R 15 ternyata jauh beda untuk top speed. Monggo disimak:

A Drag and Top Speed Test:

We fixed the deserted Shamshabad airport road to be ideal for testing as the road itself is built in International standards. But unfortunately, our friend with the Pulsar 220 did not turn up in time to have this Drag and Top speed test within Sunset, hence I wasn’t able to click Pictures. I was safe sitting in a RD350, with a camera. But sorry guys the video quality came out so pathetic that I dont want to publish.

Once the Whistle was blown to take off, it was really amazing to see the Pulsar 220 with a small wheelie moving forward with much potential than the other two, Just about half a meter distance followed the R15 and Apache was about inches lesser than the R15. But once all three crossed about 85Kph the R15 with a big smile kicked both the bikes till 123kph with a good two meter gap. But lately the Pulsar took over and a top whack of 151kph was seen in Pulsar, where the R15 just struggled at around 142kph. Since I was in a RD 350, we all three did not pay much attention to the Apache 180, which was in the league untill 110kph and went about 20-30 meters behind with a top whack of 126kph.

We tried the same thrice and found Pulsar 220 to be the best in Drag and top whack too. Next came the R15 which also topped the drag from 80kph, but lost at the end. Apache even though kept at the maximum throttle, gave a good engine note, but failed to catch the other two. One thing which we noticed when all three were running at the same speed, was the speedo read exactly 65kph in R15 and Apache, where it was 68kph in Pulsar 220. This made us suspect Pulsar speedo to be over enthusiastic. According to our calculations all three hit the 0-100 sprint in less than 10secs, Where the time difference was in micosecs.

An interesting point to be noted in the above test is that, Both Pulsar 220 and Apache 180 were is stock condition not even a Month old, but the R15 was 2 year old. Later the next day I got an opportunity to ride an R15 factory modified with ECU, High lift Camshaft and Racing exacust. Nothing can catch this baby except the Ninja, it easily hits a top wack of 150kph with plenty of energy left in it. Yamaha salesmen quoted a top speed of 167kph at 12,000rpm in 6th gear, which is not possible with any other bike in this segment. Also Yamaha recommends you not to exceed 11,000rpm as you may end blowing-up the engine. Along with the upgraded discs the entire ride was like a gift to me. But you got to add 30,000/- to an R15 to gain this performance.

  • Pulsar 220: 5/5
  • Apache 180: 4/5
  • R15: 4.5/5

Nah untuk urusan lain macem kelincahan dikota, ternyata TVS lebih diunggulkan meski unsur lain masih tetep kalah dari P 220.MOnggo simak berikut:


BikeAdvice Verdict:

Since you are tired reading the entire review, Let me make this plain and simple. Pulsar 220 being the fastest Indian may score a edge over others in terms of performance. But heavily lacks durability and ease of handling. So our winner in this segment would be the Yamaha R15, in order to understand this you have to attack a corner at about 110kph in an R15 to understand where exactly all your extra money went. There is no comparison to the quality of ride that an R15 can offer you. Every corner and every twist would be a happy event to be attacked by the R15 unlike the other two.


Coming to our runner the Pulsar 220, I have to admit that Bajaj has done a great job in uplifting Indian biking status. But still a long way to go in order to gain international standards. Also Bajaj should understand the fact that restricting themselves to a lower price tag will never help in gaining reputation.

Coming to Apache 180, which is surely not a loser. But not upto the mark like the other two. TVS has to do something to reduce the Vibration which is carried out like a genital disease throughout the family. Excluding which Apache 180 still needs a better chassis and at least an aero-dynamic semi fairing in order to top the others.


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