Wediyan, Berita ini Mejeng di Visor Down: Chaos in the East Indonesian jungle, 70 missing motorcycle racers found


Ternyata gan, balikpapan Enduro yang digelar 2 hari selam 16-17n Februari kemarin menjadi berita besar hingga laman elektronik sekelas visordown memuatnya. Yup cekidot gaan!

RESCUERS have found 70 motorcyclists reported missing in the East Kalimantan jungle region of Indonesia.

However, 20 people are still missing after 90 competitors took an alternative route through the thick Tahura jungle, sparking a desperate hunt for survivors.

Some 40 officers from the Indonesian National Search and Rescue Agency and dozens of Army officers have been dispatched to bring home the wayward bikers.

Head of the local office of the National Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPB) said: About 20 others are still declared missing. The evacuation team has continued to search for them by tracking the route set by the steering committee of the [race],’.

One man from Australia is known to have died on Saturday during the two-day enduro racing event. Headley Michael Adrian, 35, was one of 700 competitors in the Balikpapan Two Days Enduro 2, which began on Saturday to commemorate the 116th anniversary of founding of the East Kalimantan city of Balikpapan. It is believed he died of dehydration in the middle of a 124-kilometer track through the deep Tahura jungle.

The Balikpapan 2 Days Enduro is an extreme off-road event which takes place in Eastern Indonesia on an annual basis.

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Halah ngambil jalan motong malah ilang!



  1. Turut prihatin bgi yg meninggal n yg blm ditemukan..
    Btw bikin paris dakar versi indonesia, sabang sampe merauke deh..heheh..

  2. Dsh 3 kali event ini diadakan. Ini yg ke 4. Itu yg saya baca tadi pagi di koran. Dia yg meninhhal itu karena sakit jantung.

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