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Nih Alasan Bajaj Ogah Bikin Skuter

Menarik yang dilakukan motorbeam, yakni sebuah diskusi yang mempertanyakan kenapa Bajaj ogah bikin skutik. Ya, ternyata pertanyaan ini tidak saja ramai di Indonesia tapi juga di negeri asalnya sana, India. Padahal TVS juga bikinm skutik lho, tar lagi nongil.So, simak beberapa statmen berikut

Ketemu astuti kemaren pas piesnya keken mogok di klaten

Why Bajaj is adament for not producing scooters?

    Scooters which gave an identity to the a company, today that same company is not ready to produce scooters anymore, the reason they say is that they want to concentrate on bikes but one thing is for sure that there are several other obivous reasons why Bajaj is so adament for not producing a scooter.

    1) Terrible failure of their last two scooters, Wave and Kristal.
    2) Lack of time to devot being a vast motorcycle lineup to be handled.
    3) Lack of cofidence to invest in R&D as their scooter tech is old and Bajaj is not know to launch products with old tech.
    4) Forecast by their leaders that scooter market getting shrunk and unprofitable in the future.

ditambah maning!
    One thing I can definitely say for sure is that Scooter market will only grow and not shrink. The reason for this is that many people consider scooters more efficient and comfortable means of transport when compared to a bike, which is true. They also require low maintenance compared to motorcycles. And moreover, a lot of households are buying scooters just for the female members of the house. Some women prefer Scooters over cars as usually their rides are short and they are easy to park for them on streets.

Hayo, yang jelas rugi, trauma, kalah pamor, merasa sudah besar atau ada sebab lain?

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