Beberapa kali pemberitaan tentang P 375 memang telah dublow oleh banyak media india, namun hal itu barulah sekedar rumor, secara umum. Pemberitaan bahwa motor ini bakal segera dilaunch di tahun ini, inipun juga baru sebatas isu. Nah belakngan autocarindia ternyata membeberakna banyak hal tentang Spek Motor ini ke publik, kemudian menindaklajuti berita ini Bikeadvice membumbui dengan beberapa hal baru mengenai motor ini Berikut ulasannya:

SCOOP! Big, new Bajaj Pulsar seen

“The upcoming larger capacity Pulsar will share its basic four-stroke and single-cylinder engine platform with the KTM 390 Duke, so expect a full complement of close to 45 aggressive horses, with ample modern technology packed in, including a six-speed, close-ratio gearbox, liquid-cooling system and four-valve equipped head, apart from an array of other goodies. The big Pulsar’s engine will be tailored and fine-tuned to suit its new role and having recently ridden and experienced the 390 firsthand, we expect a refined rev happy powerplant that will deliver nothing short of blistering performance for the class, with quick acceleration and a top speed easily in excess of 150kph.  

This sporty new Pulsar will use standard telescopic fork front suspension, while you can expect to see a monoshock doing duty at the rear. Single rotor disc brakes can be taken for granted front and rear, the front using a petal shape rotor for better heat dissipation. An ABS braking system should be optional, as already seen on the KTM 390 Duke.”

Ya, mongtor ini bakaln satu silider, menyemburkan 45 HP, 6 speed, Pakek radiator, 4 valve, pakek ABS opsional artinya bisa di on-off kan.

Sementara itu Bikeradvice membuat gambaran yang mirip tapi lebih rici secara perpoint sebagai berikut:

  1. First Ever Pulsar with Full Sporty Cowling – If you hated the bikini-fairings of the smaller Pulsars and the P220′s half-fairing didn’t catch your eyes, here’s a reprieve! This Pulsar will come neatly wrapped in an aerodynamic full fairing, flush with twin-headlamps a la the Yamaha YZF-R1. It will be the first Bajaj to come with a full fairing.
  2. Racy Cockpit – You are sure to spot a set of clip-ons, and a very tech-savvy looking console. Readouts of important parameters like engine rpm, oil temperature will be available accompanied by Bajaj’s high-quality switchgear. We are looking forward to see those illuminated switches, again!
  3. A mill that will go “Berserk” – The mill will be a shared design carried over from the Duke 390, so anything short of 40 horses is not expected. With Liquid Cooling, a six-speed close-ratio gearbox and a four-valve engine head, this bike will be loaded with technology to the teeth. It is expected to sport levels of rev-happiness never seen before on any Pulsar. A top whack of over 150 kph will be a stroll in the park! (we assume!)
  4. Other Features – A telescopic suspension at the front, and a monoshock at the rear will take care of the damping jobs. Single rotor discs will be used at both the front and rear. We might have ABS as an option, though.

Selain beberapa poin yang sama diulas autocarindia bikeadvice menambahkan bahwa motor ini akan Full fairing dan sporty, kokpitnya terlihat racy. So dari gambaran di atas maka direndringkan motor ini sebagai berikut:

Sayangnya harganya belum diulas disini. Jozz kan. sapa tahu masuk Indonesia.