Sebuah kecelakaan terjadi di UK, dimana moge Suzuki jalan kira-kira pada kecepatan 30 MPH tiba-tiba ada mobil blok dan langsung moge nabrak mobil tersebut. Untung ridrnya tidak apa-apa tapi yang pasti dongkol.


Demikian yang terjadi menurut Motorcycle .com

“This video, posted last week, is already starting to become a viral hit. Mainly because of the sheer carelessness of the car driver. It happened in the UK, which means no, the child sitting in the front left passenger seat is not driving the car. As you can see, the two riders are riding along this main road at what the first pilot says is about 30-33 mph, when for no apparent reason, the car driver in the opposing lane decides to suddenly turn right directly in front of the motorcyclists.

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