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Menarik Juga Ketika Media India Mengcompare P 200NS, CBR250R dan Duke 200


Menarik memang ketika Motorids membandingkan 3 motor keren yang memang ketiganya ada hubungannya dengan para biker tanah air, ha kan si CBR 250 dah ngaspal, si Duke juga dah dijokul disini, tinggal si P 200NSaja yang masuh nunggutahun depan

Pertama yang jadi catatan Motorids adalah bahwa memang si media ini mengakui kalau komparasi  3 motor ini tidaklah apple to apple,wong CBR 250 jelas sport bersayap, sedangkan Duke lebih pada garuk tanah, dan P 200 NS malah cuman SOHC dan bertipe street fighter.Namun dari sisi power 3 motorini mirip meski dari sisi cc dan harga beda.

Kedua yang bikin mak JLEB dati adalah statmen berikut , “Also necessary to point out here the fact that the CBR being 25% more on the cubic capacity is nearly 70% more expensive when compared to the 200NS.” hahaha si CBR 250 ccnya kan cuman 25% gedean dikit, tapi kok harganya bisa75% selisih ya, hahha. Bisa aja, gan ini yang berbicra adalah nasionalisme India. Cumankalau di mariCBR kan 40 jeti non ABS, giliran DUk hahahah 60 jetigan,sebaliknya ama yang di India, hahahaha.

Nah baca artikel ini begitu menarik gan detai dari hampir semua aspek dianalisadan dibuktikan diataskertasdan lapangan, cuman mayan puanjang, yang peasaran monggo baca di Link berikut: http://motoroids.com/reviews/member-review-deepak-dongre-compares-the-200ns-cbr250r-and-200-duke/

Dan terakhir konklusinya dalah sebagai berikut:

And finally my conclusion and I’d agree with both Hanoz and Glen. It all boils down to individual preferences based on need. Let me at the outset state that this comparison was not projected to pick an “overall” winner. I would say these three already are winners in their own rightful ways. The comparison was intended to highlight the relative strengths and weaknesses of these three motorcycles and what trait appeals the most to you for making a choice.
The CBR trails the two on handling and well, a bit of build quality when compared to the Duke. Also the extra pricing over the NS by a huge margin and substantially over the Duke might imperil its candidature- but in the end it’s indeed a well put together and a very versatile motorcycle. It can do nearly everything you throw at it- from daily commutes to relentless highway touring- it’ll accept all with humility. The Honda engine can take a lot of thrashing and still won’t mumble.
The Duke on the other hand is exuberance personified. Bold and handsome, it can tear through traffic like a surgeon’s knife and will attract stares whether still or moving. It’ll keep you engaged and thrilled whatever time you spend with it. Though it’s a no match to the CBR on the highway, it’ll still make a great companion for weekend trips if the riding position doesn’t bother you much.
Speaking of the NS, the new Pulsar is a mix of everything one would wish to have and at a palatable sticker price. It can do nearly everything the KTM can at a discounted cost. A good upright position makes it a good outing means, though again a no match for the CBR on the highways. In the end one really cannot disregard the shattering value for money the Pulsar offers to its buyers.
If still in a dilemma of what to go for, I’d say:
If you do not want to compromise on any aspects of the fun that we call biking and money isn’t your concern- go blindly for the CBR. It’ll compensate and account for every extra penny that you have spent on the Honda.
If you are slightly constrained on a budget and street biking is your forte, the KTM is a hoot at an unbeatable price. Even if you are eyeing the NS and can manage to push your budget a bit- I would still recommend the Duke over the NS.
And that finally brings us to the Pulsar- the most economical option of the three. As has been the case with the earlier generation of Pulsars, it’ll give you more bang for your hard earned money and still offer performance on par or even better than it’s more expensive rivals.
One way to summarise my thoughts about these three lovely bikes is that biking has never been about being practical, it’s all emotions. The anticipation of a love affair of being with someone and doing what you love can never be judged on monetary grounds alone. It’s a relenting heart that makes a decision here and not the brain. So choose which makes your heart beat the most and I can assure, you cannot go wrong with any of the three.

Mongo terjemahin sendiri gaan, bahasanya gak terlalu rumit kok! Hehehehehe seru!


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