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Komparasi Pulsar 220F vs Pulsar 200 NS versi Motorbeam, Jiah kesannya ngledek banget ama P 200 NS!

Langsung aja gan simak intinya biar gak panjang lebar! Tapi pesen James Bons ya sebaiknya santai aja gak usah terpropokasi sama statmen indihe ini, karena begitu menganggap P 200 NS lebih Inferior ketimbang P 220, entah dulu kuciwa gak bisa beli nih mongtor atau ya memang demikian adanya, ya monggo saja, agan-agan sekalian menilai!

p200ns vs p220

“This is exactly the query which floats on the minds of some prospective 200 NS buyers. In my opinion, the Pulsar 220F DTSi is a far better bet than the 200NS due to the below mentioned reasons:-“

“Gini mas Bons, menurut Inyong P 220 lebih jos ketimbang P 200 NS, karena beberapa alasan berikut: “

Headlights – “The projector headlight setup on the P220 is by far one of the best on an Indian bike. Agreed the 200 NS also has a good headlight setup, but night riding on highways (something that I cherish doing often) will see the P220 headlight setup light years ahead of the 200 NS.”

“Too liatin mas Bons bila malam hari liat P 220 keliatan jozz banget lampunya beda gitu ama mongtor lai, P 2oo ns mah biasa azza”

Stability – “The Pulsar 220 DTSi is by far one of the most stable bikes in its category, even in the face of strong cross/head winds. The 200 NS as I already mentioned is definitely not as stable as the P220 on open highways. The P220 due to the addition of a bikini faring is far steadier and completely at home doing 100 km/hr plus speeds on a National Highway or an expressway.”

“Masalah kestabilan, kata inyong masih stabilan P 220 mas Bons, terutama diatas 100 kph mm si P 200 NS mah gak stabil, cebain dewek kalau gak percaya” ! 😀

Tyres –“ The P220 is blessed with soft compound MRF Zappers which grip very well on wet roads. The 200 NS wears Eurogrip tyres which have decent grip but not at par with the soft compound Zappers.”

“Masalah ban mas Bons, iyong seneng banget si P 220 ini ngegrip banget, beda ama si P 220 yang Eropa-eropanan lah gripnya”

Refinement/Smoothness – “The P220’s DTSi engine is a tried and tested one, it is surely a lot more refined as compared to the 200 NS, which is extremely vibey as already mentioned.”

“Untuk mesin mas Bons, yakin deh inyong pegang si P 220 karena da lama dan terbukti bandel, mau pilih P 200 NS ati-ati kan masih baru, butuh banyak analisa, misal ana suwara klothok-klothokh kan gak tahu! 😀 “

Fuel Economy – “The P220 delivers better fuel economy as compared to the 200 NS, both in the city and on highways. The P220 even if ridden at high speeds on highways can still deliver a decent 45 km/l.”

“Untuk irit BBM inyong gak ragu ama si P 220 ini mas Bons bisa 45 kpl pakek ngebut maning!” 😀

Comfort – “The P220 is definitely comfortable on city roads as well as highways, seat of the P220 has better foaming and is wider than the 200 NS. The bikini faring comprising of a windshield in the P220, gives the rider the added advantage of wind protection, which is not even available as an option on the P200 NS.”

“Fairing si P 220 itu mas Bons lebih jozz diajak di kota maupun di luar kota, moh bepaling dari P 220 ini.”

Self-cancelling indicators – This is a feature which even though very useful, is absent on the 200 NS. Surprising bit is that the back-lit switches of the P220 found its way on the 200 NS but not the self-cancelling indicator feature.

“WAH ASELI JAMES BONS GAK TAHU FITUR “Self-cancelling indicators” INI!”

Handling – The P200 NS is an excellent handling bike no doubt, the monoshock and the stiff chassis only makes the handling deal sweeter. Climbing winding ghats on the 200 NS is an absolute delight. The P220 on the other hand was never portrayed as a handling bike, its handling prowess may not be in the league of the 200 NS but, it does handle pretty well on curves as well as in ghats. The soft compound tyres on the P220 aid in the bike’s mid-corner stability and therefore, doesn’t stress or hamper the rider’s confidence when riding through curves.

“Aihihi masalah handling kyaknya P 200 NS mah, ‘an excellent handling bike no doubt’, haqqul yakin mas Bons!”

Brakes – Braking is a department in which the 200 NS is light years ahead of the P220. The Bybre disk brake setup on the NS has tremendous bite, thereby increasing the rider’s confidence as compared to the Bybre setup on the P220 which lacks bite. The rear disc brake on the P220 is literally of no use, especially with a pillion on-board.

“Kalau urusan CIET masih bagusan P 200 NS mas Bons lebih pakem jozz”.

Nih sumbernya gan!


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